MASONRY CONTRACTORS for 100 miles around Houston.


AZTEC BRICK WORKS Has been the most reliable masonry contractor for brick stone or stucco repairs or additions Fireplaces Outdoor Kitchens Columns etc.  

AZTEC BRICK WORKS is your best choice in the market.

Let us give you a free estimate see how affordable it really is t beautify with fireplace or a kitchen or to repair your old fireplace or just firebox and chimney.  

We are experienced in all aspects of construction but we specialize in masonry work we can detect any and all caused by foundation or other construction stresses.

 We are not just brick contractors as Masonry Contractors we are proud to tell you we are experienced to do what ever all home owners need.


 We work in your area grantee you the best prices for the best work.

Call at 832 661 3463 ask for Phil.