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Our experience at work servicing Pear Land Tex..


Car damaged wall of house before repair.

we closely match bricks and mortar.


Finished repaired wall.

Cinder block other of our trades.


In most cases cinder block is used, but is covered when decorated thin or cultured stone and stucco.

Cinder Block is also use mainly in columns.


In residences and commercial, block is used for reinforcement and strength but in most cases is covered when decorated.

Custom designs.


Simple but beautiful,or monumental fireplaces is our specialty along with columns, kitchens and fire pits to add to your back yard. We are Houston most experienced Masonry contractors.

Pear Land projects since the 70's


 To decide what design you want to decorate your backyard with, give us a call. We are masonry contractors always around Houston and close to you, for a free estimate 832 661 3463 ask for Phil.